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TF 100

This portable thermal fogger is ideal for a wide range of uses including virus, vector and pest control applications. Thanks to its portability, the TF 100 is capable of dispersing disinfectants and insecticides quickly and effectively in a variety of locations such as parks, warehouses, greenhouses, factories, farms, poultry houses, silos and more.

TF 100 - Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TS 35A

The Longray TS 35A is a robust machine with 2 starting systems, an automatic and pumping system. The TS-35A thermal fogger was especially designed for the requirements of pest control companies and it is an extremely versatile and safe machine capable of dispersing disinfectants, insecticides and fungicides in a variety of locations such as residences, offices, warehouses, greenhouses, farms, poultry houses, factories, silos and more.

TS 35A Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TF 200

Manufactured with durability and resistance in mind this portable thermal fogger is made out of high grade stainless steel. As well as resistance to corrosion and heat, this superior steel is also resistant to oil based chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, kerosene and acids. Thanks to its simple, durable and efficient design, this thermal fogger will provide you years of durability and performance.

TF 200 Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TS 36

The TS36 offers a high-powered pulse jet engine. The 3 layers protecting shield and the 2 stage cooling system keep the temperature of the fogging tube and combustion chamber low. This allows for more safety for the user. The TS 36 can dispense both water and oil based chemicals and is widely used by health departments around the world to control mosquito-borne diseases (West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Chagas disease).

TS 36 Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TF 300

Designed to be fitted to the back of a motorbike or quad-bike, the TF 300 is the ideal fogger for fast dispersion of disinfectants or insecticides in towns and farms. Features include 15 litre tank, automatic start and a powerful outflow of 52 LPH. It can also be custom built to fit customer’s specific requirements.

TF 300 Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TF 400

The Techno Fog TF 400 trolley mounted thermal fogger is ideal for medium size fogging applications. It is perfect in locations where access to vehicles is limited. Thanks to its 30 litre tank, this thermal fogger can be used for long periods at a time without the need to refill.

TF 400 Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

TF 500

The TF 500 Truck mounted thermal fogger has unique Dual-Point inlet technology for water based and oil based chemicals. Thanks to its large 150L tank and high flow rate this fogger can cover large area in short time. the TF 500 is capable of dispersing disinfectants and insecticides quickly and effectively in a variety of locations such as mines, poultry houses, macadamia industry, warehouses, greenhouses, fruit farms, silos and more.

TF 500 Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa


The new SaniFog thermal fog machine is part of of the unparalleled SaniSystem for the control of Aspergillus fumigatus in hatcheries. The SaniFog machine has a timed operation, where only the required amounts of SaniChick gets to be dispersed into the space in the correct dosage for the size of the area to be covered. The system allows for the complete control of the application process and provides different dosage options accordingly with the conditions and sizes of the room.

TF 50 Mini Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

The thermal fog machines from Techno Fog offer a reliable and efficient method to disperse chemicals for Malaria Mosquito control, Stink Bug control, Litter Beetle control, Coronavirus control (COVID-19), Fly control, Mould control and bacteria control amongst others. The team at Techno Fog Africa has over 20 years experience on area decontamination and insect control and can offer full technical support on machines and application methods. Techno Fog has a large range of thermal fog machines. From small handheld machines to truck-mounted units to meet the needs of the market.

A variety of specialised chemicals are also available to provide the best results possible for the requirements of several industries in the combat of harmful organisms.

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