The Longray TS 35A is a robust machine with 2 starting systems, an automatic and pumping system. The TS-35A thermal fogger was especially designed for the equirements of pest control companies and it is an extremely versatile and safe machine capable of dispersing disinfectants, insecticides and fungicides in a variety of locations such as residences, offices, warehouses, greenhouses, farms, poultry houses, factories, silos and more.

Model TS 35A
Fuel Tank Capacity 2 Litres
Chem Tank Capacity 6 Litres
Fuel Consumption 1.5 L/h
Performance 18.6 KW / 25.2 HP
Flow Rate 8-44 L/h
Net Weight 8.2 Kg
Dimensions 131 X 27 X 36 (cm)
Shipping Weight 11.6 Kg
Shipping Dimensions 123 X 31 X 37 (cm)

TS 35A

TS 35A Thermal fog machine - Techno Fog Africa

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