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SaniGuard is a powerful chemical to use in area decontamination against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Novel Patented DDAC.
  • Excellent Biogradeability
  • Truly non-corrosive (only as corrosive as water).
  • Non-Toxic at recommended dosages.
  • Very low toxicity (less than table salt).
  • Highly effective and active in the presence of organic matter.
  • Not PH dependent.
  • Functions over a wide range of temperatures.

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SF Sanifog is a novel DDAC that kills Coronavirus. It is a disinfectant which has been widely used for the disinfection of areas such as offices, shopping centres, hospitals, clinics, schools, houses, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, governmental institutions and more.

It is easy to apply and will reach all areas of the environment, offering total protection of the space. SF Sanifog is highly effective against viruses, and it is only as corrosive as water.

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SaniSilver is a 5% Silver Hydrogen Peroxide very active against all species of grampositive bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, biofilms and protozoa. It is also effective against gram-negative bacterial infections. The gram-negative bacterial infections are frequently hard to treat, because of the protective exterior membrane consisting of lipopolysaccharides. The anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties have been tested and proved nontoxic on humans.

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Dyna Fog-ULV Solution and Dyna Fog-ULV EC are especially efficient for the control of flying insects and several crawling insects, including the difficult to control litter beetle and its larvae.

Governments, mines, golf courses, hotels, condominiums, nut crops and poultry industry around the world use Dyna Fog-ULV Solution and Dyna Fog-ULV EC to combat insects and mosquitoesthat transmit malaria, dengue, West Nile and other diseases.

Techno Fog offers a comprehensive range of Chemicals developed explicitly for the use through Thermal Fog and ULV machines. The SaniChem's chemical range has novel formulations that maximise the efficacy of the active ingredient, and also the flotation properties. The chemicals hang for extended periods in the air, allowing for prolonged contact with the pathogens, thus offering superior reach and kill rates.

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