Dyna Fog-ULV Solution is incredibly efficient for the control of flying insects and several crawling insects, including the challenging to control Litter Beetle and its larvae.

Dyna Fog-ULV Solution has been uniquely developed as a chain-link formulation composed of Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), Permethrin, Deltamethrin and a specific blended of bio-oils, and synergists. A four component formulation is unique in the industry for insecticides.

The chain link formulation of the three main components with the use of the particular mixture of bio-oils has culminated in arguably the best-formulated product currently on the market for insect control.

Besides the poultry industry, several markets use Dyna Fog-ULV Solution to combat insects and mosquitoes that transmit Malaria, Dengue, West Nile and other diseases.

Dyna Fog ULV - Techno Fog Africa

Dyna Fog ULV Solution

Dyna Fog ULV - Techno Fog Africa

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